Protecto Wrap Flashings and Waterproofing Products




                                                                        Stucco / EIFS Tape

Protecto Wrap Stucco Tape is a superior self-adhering, air and moisture barrier for vertical and horizontal EIFS/Stucco systems. Protecto Wrap Stucco Tape is a 30 mil SBS modified rubberized asphalt membrane with a polyester top surface. This polyester surface enhances the adhesion if the base coat is applied directly to this surface. The Stucco Tape can be applied over gypsum board, wood, metal, styrene and polyethylene surfaces to form an air and vapor barrier in the EIFS/Stucco system. The Protecto Wrap Stucco Tape is self sealing when penetrated with mechanical fasteners. Stucco Tape should be used to seal window and door openings, joints in the insulation or gypsum board and wherever water infiltration may be a concern. These tapes come in 4", 6" 9" & 12" Sizes for a variety of window sizes.


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                                                                                                           Window & Door Sealing Tape

                                                 Forms a permanent waterproofing air/vapor seal around doors and windows that prevents air and moisture leaks.


  • A tough-faced superior self-adhering, air/vapor barrier and waterproofing membrane
  • Stops moisture intrusion that causes black mold
  • No special tools needed, peel and stick installation
  • Meets or exceeds all building codes including ASTM 2112
  • Meets or exceeds ICC Code Approval ESR1825
  • The only flashing tape that passed hurricane level windblown rain test ASTM E331-90
  • Adheres to vinyl, plywood, OSB, foam, metal, aluminum and masonry
  • Can be left exposed up to 120 day

Protecto Deck ACQ

Flashing / Anti-Corrosion TapeEliminate unnecessary repairs on your new deck and water damage that causes premature wood rot and decay. The use of Protecto Deck Flashing/Anti-Corrosion Tape will add years to the life of your deck. Protecto Deck Flashing/Anti-Corrosion Tape is a 40 mil thick, flexible peel and stick waterproofing membrane tape that is intended for use as a waterproof/anti-corrosive barrier between ACQ/AC2 treated lumber and metal surfaces. This product can be used to protect anywhere ACQ/AC2 lumber is used, including between metal hangers, sill plate, and deck plates.


  • Easy to install peel and stick application
  • Protects joists from wood rot damage due to water infiltration
  • Creates a corrosion barrier between ACQ/AC2 treated lumber and non ACQ/AC2 approved metal surfaces
  • Use of Protecto Deck Flashing/Anti-Corrosion Tape as a ledger board flashing eliminates moisture between the house and ledger board
  • UV Resistant
  • Self seals around nails and screws





Window Installation_Best Practices Lightning Flash and Protecto Wrap




PW 100/40 AVB

Same content as > AIR & VAPOR BARRIERS > PW 100/40 Air/Vapor Barrier



Super Stick Synthetic Butyl Building Tape

High-Performance Window and Door Flashing Tape
A high tack, tenacious, durable, peel and stick air/vapor barrier tape system used for sealing PVC and aluminum fin windows and doors; window and door openings; and as a full coverage air vapor barrier membrane. It is a high performance window and door flashing tape designed to be applied down to -20°F (-28.88°C) without the use of primer or mechanical fasteners on most substrates. (Substrates must be tested for adhesion.*) It utilizes a high tack pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) combined with a high performance facer film. This design provides a full 12 month UV exposure. A greener, cleaner building tape solution that offers No VOC’s, HFCC’s, nor CFC’s. It is non-toxic and non-allergenic. No off-gassing is produced during the manufacture nor installation of this product.


  • Meets federal regulations for tarp tape
  • No Primer needed*
  • Can be installed in extremely cold (-20° F / -28° C)** or hot weather conditions
  • Can be applied to damp surfaces
  • 12-month UV exposure
  • Passes proposed AAMA 700 Sealant/Flashing compatibility testing
  • Easy to install peel-and-stick application
  • Creates total air and water seal
  • Self seals around nails, screws, and staples

**Protecto Super Stick can be applied in extreme cold weather; however Protecto Wrap Company does not recommend applying tapes below 0°F/-17°C due to health and safety concerns.