BA-75 White Base Coat and Adhesive

Product Overview

BA-75 white is a specialty product blended with proprietary ingredients (trade secrets) that works especially well in hot weather. The average wall temperature with this product on an 80 degree day is 20-30 degrees cooler than traditional base coat promoting better coverage and more working time when applying finish. Better coverage when applying light colors.

Features / Benefits

Dry bagged product

Water based

Base Coat and Adhesive

Consistent batching

Factory blended

Easily stored in cold climates

Mix only quantity needed

Color consistency

Convenient - just add water


Proprietary polymer blend


To adhere EPS board to substrate approximately 50-70 sf

As a base coat to imbed fiberglass mesh 90-110 sf

As a leveling coat varies upon application and technique

Recommended Substrates

BA-75 white is designed to coat and adhesive EPS boards as well as moldings and

cornice. Can be used over stucco - concrete - concrete block - unglazed brick -

fiber mat-faced gypsum sheathing - exterior grade gypsum sheathing - cement

board - masonry (clean and unpainted) - poured in place concrete free from

release agents.


Surface must be clean, dry, structurally sound, and free from dirt, grease or

coatings that may inhibit adhesion. Temperature must be 40 degrees or higher for

a period of 24 hours after application.


Hazard Statement

Harmful if swallowed. Causes moderate eye irritation. Prolonged skin contact may cause irritation. Wash thoroughly after handling. In case of eye contact flush immediately with cool water. If skin or eye irritation persists seek medical assistance.


The manufacturer warrants this properly handled and installed product to be free from manufacturing defects from date of purchase for a period of five years.

If it is shown that the product is defective when installed by a competent installer / applicator, the manufacturer’s liability under this warranty is to supply replacement product. There are no other warranties expressed or implied and the manufacturer or manufacturer’s representative shall determine the remedies. We make no other warranties and expressly disclaim any warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. See full warranty schedule in our product literature submittal package.


Protect from freezing. Do not apply in temperatures above 110-F or below 38 F. The ambient and surface temperature  must remain within these temperature ranges until fully cured (minimum 24 hours). Protect all work from inclement weather until fully cured.

Do not add any other materials to this product without written permission from the manufacturer.

This is not a finished product and must have a finish layer applied.




  1. Prepare each bag in a 5 gallon(19 liter) container, which is clean and free of foreign substances. Do not use a container which has contained or been cleaned with any petroleum- based product.
  2. Begin with 1.5 gallons (5.6 liters) of clean potable water Prepare each bag in a 5- gallon (19 liter) container,.
  3. Slowly add the product in small increments to the water while mixing well with a jiffy-type mixer to a homogenous consistency.
  4. Mix for a minimum of 3 to 5 minutes. Additional water or material may be added to adjust workability and desired consistency.
  5. Let mixed material stand to allow it to take it’s initial set for 5 – 10 minutes.
  6. Re-mix the material adding enough water to reach the desired consistency. Do not over mix.
  1. For use as a base coat BA-75 white shall be applied so as to achieve reinforcing fabric embedment sufficient enough so that no fabric color is visible, then trowel smooth. Allow the BA-75 white to completely cure (24 hours is recommended) before finish is applied.
  2. For use as an adhesive we recommend the notched trowel method. Apply to the back of EPS board with a stainless steel notched trowel with ½” notches spaced 2” apart. The notches are to run vertical on the wall creating a vertical drainage plane.
  3. For use as a leveling coat, apply the material to the approved substrate needing leveling. Application method may vary with substrate and project conditions. Do not exceed 3/16” thickness per application.

Use fresh water to clean tools or droppings before product dries.


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