Product Overview

This product has excellent workability and promotes superior production. FS-210 is a pre-blended ce-ment based stucco engineered with proprietary components, custom blended sand and fibers that are computer batched for performance and consistency. FS-200 has a custom blend that increases flexural strength while reducing cracking. FS-200 is designed for both one-coat stucco and traditional Scratch & Brown Coat systems.

FS-210 reduces shrinkage and increases long term durability with increased bond strength and can be trowel applied or gun applied by a qualified applicator.


80 lb. bag

Features / Benefits

Durable and impact resistant

Water resistant

Versatility of design and aesthetic appeal

Factory blended

Low maintenance

Green product

Increased workability


Apply with proper spray equipment or a stainless steel trowel to sound, dry, clean and properly pre-pared surfaces. Must be installed according to ASTM C-1063 or applicable code report.

One-coat applications can be applied to a maximum of 1/2" (13 mm) per coat.

On framed wall construction provide a code compliant moisture or water barrier over sheathing. Wo-ven metal lathe must be properly attached and securely fastened.

Mix with clean potable water and mix in a mechanical mixer with plaster sand meeting ASTM C-144 and/or ASTM C-897 washed and free from deleterious materials.