The manufacturer warrants this properly handled and installed product to be free from manufacturing defects from date of purchase for a period of listed years.


If it is shown that the Stone Adhesive supplied by Stucco Depot is defective when installed by a competent installer / applicator, Stucco Depot and the Manufacturers liability under this warranty is to supply replacement Stone Adhesive. There are no other warranties expressed or implied and Stucco Depot or the Manufacturer shall determine remedies.


For a valid warranty, Adhesive must not be blended with other products and must be installed according to industry standards by a competent stone applicator. Manufacturer is not responsible for structural conditions, design conditions, architectural or engineering, and workmanship. Adhesive must be stored and applied in a timely manner after building preparation for application. 


Abuse, misuse, excessive weather or environmental conditions beyond what the product is designed for is expressly limited.


This warranty becomes effective only when all invoices are paid in full.


Except as stated, Stucco Depot and the Manufacturer expressly disclaim any warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. The above remedies are to be deemed exclusive.


Stone Adhesive  *  Warranty 5 Years     *

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