Flame Retardant Debris Net 8' 6" x 150' call for pricing


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Colors Available                                Product Features                                               Product Use

Black                                                 Easy To Install                                              Vertical / Horizontal Debris Netting

Blue                                                   Reinforced Buttonhole Attachment            Sand Blast Curtains

White                                                 UV Treated Hi Density Polyethylene          Scaffold Enclosures

Green                                                Will Not Unravel When Cut                          Vision Barrier 

Custom Colors                                Flexible in Severe Temperature                   Wind Protection

                                                         Meets OSHA Requirement                           Protects Pedestrians

Non-Flame Retardant is available but we do not recommend it. OSHA has a Hazard Assessment Clause that may be used to qualify fines should an accident occur. If you are using portable heaters producing a flame you must have fire remediation equipment on hand in case of fire.  


City of Boston Fire Marshall Regulations and many other cities and municipalities are adopting these policies

Section 7.12 Temporary Construction

a. Tarpaulins and similar sheet materials used to cover stored materials or as a temporary wall enclosure shall meet requirements for flame resistance established by the Head of the Fire Department. Tarpaulins and similar sheet materials shall be securely fastened against displacement by wind or other forces.

b. At a site for which a permit is issued under Section 7.01, the materials used for scaffolding, hoist-frame platforms, sidewalks, sheds, concrete forms, chutes for debris removal, or other temporary construction shall be constructed of noncombustible material or of wood treated by a pressure-impregnating process which meets fire retardant requirements established by the Head of the Fire Department.