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Step 1: Start 2–3 feet from a corner. Wrap

around corner and continue nailing or stapling

as you move around the house. Use fasteners

that are long enough to penetrate into the stud

or nail base material.

Step 2: Use enough fasteners to hold the wrap

firmly in place by fastening it every 12"–18"

along the vertical studs using large-headed or

plastic cap nails or minimum 1" crown staples.

You may install it over wood-based, foaminsulative,

or fiberboard sheathing, and exterior

gypsum board.

Masonry Construction (CMU): Masonry

Tap-Con Fasteners with 2" diameter plastic

cap fasteners should be used at a 12"–18"

vertical spacing and 24" horizontally spaced.

A recommended adhesive may be used

temporarily to attach the weather barrier at

24" on center vertical strips; coordination on

the job site is recommended.

Note: A field inspection by a manufacturer

representative is recommended on all

commercial projects.

Step 3: Make an inverted “Y” cut in the wrap

at window rough opening. Make diagonal cuts

at top corners of rough opening.

Step 4: Fold the three flaps through the

opening, fastening them inside with staples set

about every 6". Fold top flap back and fasten


Step 5: Install the bottom flashing (when

installing flashing) over the wrap.

NOTE: Barricade Building Products

recommends the use of a flashing material,

such as Polyken® or Barricade® premium butyl

rubber flashing tape, that meets or exceeds

Federal Specification UU-B-790a, Grade A and

is a minimum 4" in width.

Step 6: Install window. Flashing details around


A. Install side flashing over side window


B. Install head flashing over the top window

flange and extend it out 3" to 4" over the

side flashings.

C. Bottom window flange should be over

flashing, installed in Step 5.

D. Remove temporary fasteners from top flap

of housewrap, and apply over installed

head flashing.

NOTE: Windows must be installed in

accordance with each manufacturer’s

recommended guidelines and installation



WeatherTrek® Housewrap


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Basic Use: WeatherTrek Housewrap is a

micro-perforated polyethylene membrane that

is installed beneath exterior siding to reduce air

infiltration and act as a weather resistive barrier.

WeatherTrek Housewrap is designed to provide

a secondary line of defense against bulk water

penetration and is not intended for use as a

primary water barrier. Used in residential and

commercial construction, installing housewrap

on an entire home or structure is generally the

most common industry practice.

Precautions and Limitations: Refer to

individual code reports for the various findings

and limitations applicable to the specific code

areas of influence.


Construction Specifications Institute

Identification Codes:

Air Barriers 07270

Composition: WeatherTrek Housewrap is

composed of micro-perforated, high-quality,

non-woven Polyethylene.

Standard Sizes: 5' x 200'

Thickness: 3.2 mils

Tensile Strength (ASTM D-882):

27 lbs./inch MD, 24 lbs./inch CD

Water Vapor Transmission

(ASTM E-96A): 6.5 perms

Air Porosity (TAPPI T-460):

8.1 sec/100cc

Flame Spread (ASTM E-84): Class A

Water Resistance (ASTM D779): Pass

UV Exposure Rating: 365 days

Basis Weight: 14.5 #/MSF

CFC's used in production: none

Applicable Standards: WeatherTrek

Housewrap is manufactured to meet the full

intent of all major building codes.*

Meets Fed. Spec. UU-B-790a Grade D

Other Important Details:

Install building wrap “shingle-lap” fashion

(with the high piece lapped over the outside

of the piece below).

All horizontal overlaps of building wrap

should be at least 4" and 6" for vertical


At roof sections, be careful to lap the

building wrap over the entire top of any step

flashed areas against the wall.

Around exterior doors, follow the same

flashing procedures as indicated in

steps 5 and 6 for windows.


Availability: Nationwide distribution

facilities stock WeatherTrek Housewrap and

provide prompt delivery to most local building

material/lumber dealers. In addition, Barricade

Building Products field representatives are

located in every part of the country to provide

the best possible service.

Cost: WeatherTrek Housewrap is competitively

priced. For specific information, contact a

Barricade Building Products representative.


WeatherTrek Housewrap is backed by a limited

warranty. Contact Barricade Building Products

for more information.


When applied in accordance with manufacturer's

recommendations, WeatherTrek Housewrap will

not require maintenance.


Support is provided by full-time technicallytrained

field representatives and technical

service personnel. In addition, Barricade

Building Products is backed by a research,

development and service staff.

For further information, literature, or technical

support, contact Barricade Building Products at


Information contained in this bulletin conforms to the

standard detail recommendations and specifications

for the installation of WeatherTrek Housewrap and is

presented in good faith. Barricade Building Products

assumes no liability, expressed or implied as to the

architecture, engineering, or workmanship of any project.

This information may be concurrent with, or superseded

by other applicable documents. Berry Plastics must

approve any deviations from published literature, in

writing, prior to application. Contact Barricade Building

Products for most current product information.

WeatherTrek® Housewrap

Technical Specifications Sheet

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